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Proactively protect yourself against cyber threats on the shop floor.

Secure Your ICS from Rising Cybersecurity Threats

Cybersecurity risks for ICS continue to rise as the number and type of threat actors continue to increase. Not only do companies need to protect themselves from individual hackers, but state-level black hat organizations are now targeting ICS systems to wreak economic and physical havoc. Often overlooked, human factors are an important consideration when setting up your policies and procedures to protect your plant floor.

Sandalwood clearly understands that cybersecurity priorities regarding factory floor systems differ from corporate ones. With our experience setting up and implementing measures to thwart attempts to infiltrate ICS networks and equipment, we can help you secure your manufacturing environment from these threats.


Rely on our team to capture your true current state, with the perspective of threats coming from the outside.

System Design & Implementation

From networks to asset management, data classification to access control, and remote access, we’ll help you design a system that is both secure and productive.

Governance & Standards Development

No matter how well the current and desired states are defined, maintaining safety depends on clear policies, guidelines, and practices for your team to follow. We can help.


OT/ICS Cyber Security – Asset Inventory

You have hundreds of devices of varying types and vintages at multiple facilities, purchased over many years and no central database of what/where they are.

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Third Annual Dynics Cybersecurity & Technology Symposium Recap

Third Annual Dynics Cybersecurity & Technology Symposium Recap

The Sandalwood Engineering & Ergonomics #systemsintegration team attended the Dynics Cyber Security Symposium at the Automation Alley facilities in Troy, MI earlier this month. As a close partner to Dynics and one of the sponsors of the event, Sandalwood provided...

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