Digital Transformation

Proactive planning and data harmonization/normalization yield enormous returns in the long term.

Your Custom Digital Transformation Roadmap

Are you just getting started on your digital transformation journey? Are you trying to understand what options are out there and how best to apply them to your processes for maximum benefit? We can help!

By combining our years of experience with a proven assessment methodology we can evaluate your IIoT readiness, provide recommendations, and work in conjunction with your team to develop a digital transformation roadmap.


Assessments, Workshops, Roadmapping, Process Mapping

Break away from your internal perspectives and status quo with experienced change agents and best practices.

Data/Information Model Strategy, Development, & Implementation

Structure, consistency, and transparency in architecture ensure successful implementation of software.

Vendor Selection/Onboarding

Take advantage of our team’s exposure to multiple vendors and technologies in the marketplace.

Systems Implementation and Integration, Project Management

Ensure success with your Digital Transformation projects with a dedicated team focused on helping you achieve your goals.


Legacy System Optimization

Don’t rip out existing investments that already work; incorporate them in the new schema.

Ignition Production Dashboard


Ignition Enables Phased Digital Transformation

Leveraging both Ignition’s Perspective and Vision components, a modular and scalable system was created to rapidly deploy templatized HMIs for machine control, collect available test and production data from the shop floor, and aggregate that information into useful production board displays, operator interfaces, production dashboards, and executive reports.

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Ignition Enables Phased Digital Transformation

Ignition Enables Phased Digital Transformation

Frank Costa - Manager, System Integration Services Introduction Sandalwood worked with a privately held global U.S.-based manufacturing company with a proud tradition of delivering high-quality products and services to both enterprise and consumer-level customers...

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