Don’t invest in data collection for useful information to sit in a database collecting digital dust.

Optimize Plant Floor Operations

Having real-time visibility and control of your plant floor operations is critical to quickly identifying and resolving production line issues, reducing unscheduled downtime, addressing quality issues, and managing part complexity.

Sandalwood can help evaluate the best systems for your purposes including matching budget to desired functionality, ease of integration, maintainability, and ability to grow as your operations grow.

Supervisory Control

Proper preparation and implementation of your SCADA system enables comprehensive monitoring, real-time data analysis, and automated process adjustments.


Reporting & Historians

Proper structure and harmonization ensure that your disparate data can be combined and reported effectively and coherently.

Enterprise Solutions

We have experience implementing from ERP level business planning and logistical functions, all with the end objective in mind; cohesive, smart, and connected systems.

Process Visualization

Today’s analytics and data visualization tools provide unprecedented capabilities to assess your data for process optimization.

Ignition Production Dashboard


Ignition Enables Phased Digital Transformation

Leveraging both Ignition’s Perspective and Vision components, a modular and scalable system was created to rapidly deploy templatized HMIs for machine control, collect available test and production data from the shop floor, and aggregate that information into useful production board displays, operator interfaces, production dashboards, and executive reports.

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Ignition Enables Phased Digital Transformation

Ignition Enables Phased Digital Transformation

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