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Industrial Cybersecurity

Is your plant floor vulnerable to cyberattacks?

Manufacturing Cyber Security Maturity Model

IT assets are well protected from the threat of cyber-attacks. However, there are numerous OT assets that were never intended to be connected to external facing networks. These assets have minimal controls in place to protect them. Does this sound like your situation?

When building an OT Cyber Security governance organization, before creating and enforcing policy, it is essential to utilize a model to bring the program from its infancy to maturity.

Following an OT Cyber Maturity Model provides a plan of action to bring the cyber security strategy for OT assets into the 21st century, including a process to follow to ensure OT assets are adequately protected from cyber-attack.

As part of our OT/ICS cyber security services, Sandalwood has worked with large manufacturers to build an OT cyber security program that creates and enforces policies to protect the OT space from cyber-attack, including but not limited to asset inventory, patch management, risk assessment, anti-malware installation, removable media strategies, data classification, logging, and access control.


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