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Systems Integration

Sandalwood prides itself on combining a thorough understanding of the manufacturing environment with strong technical expertise to define, plan and execute technology solutions; helping to accelerate achievement of our customers goals.

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Industry 4.0

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With the fourth industrial revolution, the integration of smart technologies into manufacturing and automation systems is accelerating.  As the technologies become more sophisticated and the available options grow, it can be difficult for manufacturers to make sense of it all.  Where should you start?  What technologies offer the best value and return on investment?

Sandalwood has been working with our global customers for over 20 years making their processes smarter. We started in the automotive OEM industry, where unscheduled downtime can quickly run into millions of dollars. Our expertise in getting the right data to the right place at the right time and our focus on doing the right thing provides a framework for helping our customers succeed.

IIoT Consulting

Are you just getting started on your digital transformation journey?  Are you trying to understand what options are out there and how best to apply them to your processes for maximum benefit?  We can help!

By combining our years of experience with a proven assessment methodology we can evaluate your IIoT readiness, provide recommendations and work in conjunction with your team to develop a digital transformation roadmap.

Process Mapping

Looking to modernize? The Sandalwood process mapping team is here to assist your organization in making educated systems selections, and in preparing for implementations.

Utilizing specialized process mapping models, our team is experienced in capturing current state activities from plant floor production processes, to ERP level business planning and logistical functions, all with the end objective in mind; cohesive, smart, and connected systems.

From current to future state designs, our team provides valuable insight into business and systems requirements, so that our clients have the knowledge and confidence required for success.

Factory Information Systems

The ability to have real-time visibility to your plant floor operations is critical to quickly identify and resolve production line issues, reduce unscheduled downtime, address quality issues and manage part complexity.

Sandalwood can help evaluate the best factory information systems for your purposes including matching budget to desired functionality, ease of integration, maintainability and ability to grow as your operations grow.

Sandalwood can then integrate the system providing system configuration, screen design, data validation, testing, user training, alerts & messaging configuration, and custom API or application development as needed.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

The first step in developing smarter processes is the ability to connect and acquire relevant data from the plant floor.  We can help determine what is possible and propose solutions for not only modern equipment, but those tough to access legacy devices.

Analytics & Visualization

The real power around digital transformation is what you then choose to do with the data.  Many manufacturers will make a significant investment to collect data from their operations but then allow vast amounts of useful information to sit in a database collecting digital dust.

With the availability of today’s analytics and data visualization tools the ability to assess your data for process optimization purposes exists like never before.  From real-time predictive analytics to after-the-fact prescriptive analytics, Sandalwood can help develop a data analytics and visualization process that works for your operations.

Industrial Controls Systems (ICS) Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity risks for ICS continue to rise as the number and type of threat actors continue to increase. Not only do companies need to protect themselves from individual hackers, but state level black hat organization are now targeting ICS systems to wreak economic and physical havoc. Often overlooked, human factors are an important consideration when setting up your policies and procedures to protect your plant floor.

Sandalwood clearly understands that cybersecurity priorities regarding factory floor systems differ from corporate. With our experience in setting up and implementing measures to thwart attempts to infiltrate ICS networks and equipment, we can help you secure your manufacturing environment from these threats. More…

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