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Why Work with Systems Integration by Sandalwood?

Unlocking Manufacturing Excellence with Sandalwood’s Systems Integration Solutions

At Sandalwood, we blend a deep understanding of manufacturing environments with robust technical expertise to create tailored systems integration solutions. Here’s why your company should partner with us.

We’re not just consultants; we’re your strategic allies in achieving operational excellence. Let’s transform your manufacturing landscape together!

Full service

Whether it’s legacy systems, emerging technologies, or custom-built tools, we integrate them harmoniously. Our goal? To empower your operations.


While our roots lie in the U.S.A., our reach extends far beyond; providing services across diverse manufacturing corridors throughout North America.

Technology Agnostic

We take pride in our vendor-neutral approach. Our focus is on your unique processes, not shoehorning them into pre-existing software solutions.

Process Oriented

We tailor our offerings to align seamlessly with your workflows. No rigid constraints—just solutions that enhance efficiency and productivity.


Our commitment extends beyond projects—it’s about cultivating strong relationships. We’re here for the journey.


Guided by our client-centric philosophy, we actively listen, deeply understand and collaborate closely with you. Your unique needs serve as the compass guiding our solution development.

What We do

Digital Transformation

From Assessments, Workshops, and Roadmapping to Legacy System Optimization we aim to help you modernize without disruption. Our adept Project/Program Management teams ensure meticulous planning, execution, and refinement.


Let us help you elevate Quality Management by ensuring precision and consistency in every product. With Product/Part Tracking and Genealogy, gain real-time insights into part flow tracking and visualization – boosting Operator Engagement.


Unlock manufacturing excellence with our seamless integration of Remote Machine Monitoring, Edge/Cloud Analytics, and In-Line RFID Solutions. We transform data from various sources into actionable insights, visualizing production metrics and quality trends through intuitive dashboards.

OT Cyber Security

We help bridge the gap between OT and IT domains, ensuring seamless integration of security practices. From governance and policies to network monitoring and access management, we help you fortify your critical infrastructure against cyber threats.


We help empower smart factories by seamlessly integrating and automating manufacturing processes. Our expertise spans Supervisory Control, Reporting and Historians, Enterprise Solutions, and Process Visualization.

What Our Clients Say

“Sandalwood Engineering & Ergonomics provided exceptional service and expert capabilities in developing and implementing a highly technical solution for our company. Their involvement provided a process view that allowed us to fully engage and optimize our resources.”
– Dave E., Pharmaceutical Mfg

What Our Clients Say

“Sandalwood understands the business and our needs without needing to explain every detail. They have a history of delivering quality work with attentiveness and professionalism.”
– Sandalwood Customer Satisfaction Survey Feedback 2024

What Our Clients Say

“Our project with Sandalwood resulted in measurable cost-savings versus an alternate solution.”
– Sandalwood Customer Satisfaction Survey Feedback 2024

What Our Clients Say

“Sandalwood exceeded expectations. Their team provided a solution to our expensive problem.”
– Sandalwood Customer Satisfaction Survey Feedback 2024

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Connecting You to Integration Solutions Since 1999

With the fourth industrial revolution, the integration of smart technologies into manufacturing and automation systems is accelerating.  As the technologies become more sophisticated and the available options grow, it can be difficult for manufacturers to make sense of it all.

Sandalwood has been working with our global customers for over 25 years making their processes smarter. We started in the automotive OEM industry, where unscheduled downtime can quickly run into millions of dollars. Our expertise in getting the right data to the right place at the right time and our focus on doing the right thing provides a framework for helping our customers succeed.


  • In-Line RFID Solutions
  • Systems Implementation and Integration
  • Project/Program Management
  • Product/Part Tracking and Genealogy
  • OT Cyber Security
  • Machine Monitoring & Alerting
  • Process Visualization
  • Quality Management
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Data Collection and System Integration
food & Beverage
  • Process Mapping
  • Data/Information Model Strategy, Development, & Implementation
discrete manufacturing
  • Remote machine monitoring and alerting
  • Edge/Cloud Analytics Strategy, Development, & Implementation
  • Data Acquisition & Visualization
  • Predictive Maintenance
process manufacturing
  • Process Execution Management
  • Supervisory Control
  • Reporting and Historians
  • Process Visualization

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