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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Sandalwood been providing systems integration services?

The Sandalwood Systems Integration team has a rich history. It evolved from Sandalwood’s early engineering, process improvement, and program management disciplines. Over the last 25 years, the Sandalwood Systems integration team has continued to develop and expand its offerings. We have collaborated with numerous clients across thousands of projects, demonstrating our expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality solutions.

How can I engage with Sandalwood for a specific integration project?

To engage with Sandalwood for a specific integration project, follow these steps:

Collaborate with Sandalwood Experts

  • Reach out to Sandalwood’s team of experts who combine a thorough understanding of the manufacturing environment with strong technical expertise.
  • Discuss your specific integration needs, project requirements, and goals.
  • Sandalwood is customer-centric and technology-agnostic, ensuring tailored solutions.

Define Your Project Scope

  • Clearly articulate the scope of your integration project.
  • Identify the systems, processes, and technologies involved.
  • Discuss timelines, deliverables, and any constraints.

Evaluate Hardware and Software Requirements

  • If your project involves hardware, discuss your requirements with Sandalwood.
  • For software integration, consider the tools, platforms, and applications you need to connect.

Collaborate on Solution Design

  • Work closely with Sandalwood to design a robust and efficient integration solution.
  • Define data flows, communication protocols, and security measures.
  • Ensure alignment with your business objectives.

Project Execution and Support

  • Once the solution is designed, Sandalwood will execute the project.
  • We have experience supporting projects globally through remote, hybrid, and onsite service models.
  • Regular communication and collaboration are key during implementation.
  • Sandalwood provides ongoing support and maintenance as needed.

Remember, Sandalwood’s expertise lies in combining technology with practical solutions to enhance manufacturing processes. Feel free to engage with us to kick off your integration project!

Does Sandalwood have a preferred technology partner?

No, Sandalwood is customer-centric and technology-agnostic. We work with a variety of leading technologies. Sandalwood is flexible, adaptable, and willing to collaborate with client-preferred technologies. If desired, we can also evaluate and recommend technologies based on the best fit for a given client’s needs.

Where is the Sandalwood Systems Integration team located?

The main headquarters of the Sandalwood Systems Integration team is in Livonia, Michigan. However, our team members are spread across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. We have successfully supported projects around the globe using a combination of remote, hybrid, and onsite service models.

Does Sandalwood systems integration resell software?

While reselling software is not our primary focus, Sandalwood can provide software via our technology partnerships. Additionally, we collaborate with reseller partners when appropriate to meet client needs.

Can Sandalwood provide hardware?

While Sandalwood doesn’t fabricate hardware in-house, we collaborate with several partners to offer hardware solutions when appropriate. Our focus is on delivering comprehensive services that meet our clients’ needs.