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Systems Engineering

Sandalwood provides a variety of cost effective and competitive solutions to help optimize our customers’ products and processes. To do this, our experienced engineering team employs data driven process analysis, project and supply chain management to create and implement effective solutions. Sandalwood also has Quality Engineers and certified Six Sigma experts to assist in monitoring and analyzing performance data to verify optimal operation.

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Our Expertise

Project Planning

Sandalwood has the skill set to help our customers during the planning and design phases of their projects.

Our Engineers can help identify potential problems in your product or process by using their expertise in Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEAs), Control Plans and APQP/PPAP processes.

Our Industrial Engineers can help get the most out of your manufacturing process, using time studies, line balancing, simulation and station layout skills.

Our staff currently includes Engineers, Certified MODAPTS Practitioners, Six Sigma Black Belts, and Project Management Professionals.

Project Execution

Sandalwood Engineers have helped manage and execute projects for our customers of varying scopes and duration. Some of our projects have been as simple as analyzing an assembly process to help reduce waste to the complexity of designing and implementing an entire assembly line.

We also have experience in Supply Chain Management and can work with OEMs and Suppliers to ensure the project timing and cost targets are met.

Process Improvement

Sandalwood’s approach is that of Continuous Process Improvement and Reduction of Waste. Our Engineers’ experience at Process Analysis and Optimization and Material Handling systems allow us to find and eliminate most causes of waste, helping our customers improve throughput and reduce costs.

Furthermore, Sandalwood utilizes data-driven methods to identify the areas of most benefit, including the use of Six Sigma methodologies, Process Simulations, and benchmarking studies.

Check out our systems engineering project case studies.