Effective systems integration, In-Line RFID, and controls engineering by Sandalwood Systems Integration play pivotal roles in harnessing the potential of the Industrial Internet of Things.

Effective IIoT Implementations

The first step in developing smarter processes is the ability to connect and acquire relevant data from the plant floor. We can help determine what is possible and propose solutions for not only modern equipment but also those tough-to-access legacy devices.

Remote machine monitoring and alerting

Ensure timely responses to critical events, boost productivity, and create a competitive edge for your business.

Edge/Cloud Analytics Strategy, Development, & Implementation

Boost your competitive edge and foster innovation by enhancing agility, minimizing latency, and optimizing data processing efficiency.

Data Acquisition & Visualization

Gain insights, improve decision-making, and stay competitive in today’s data-driven landscape.

In-Line RFID Solutions

Increase productivity and competitiveness in your manufacturing operations by providing accurate data, improving process control, and optimizing resource utilization.

Controls Engineering

Seamlessly integrate third-party systems, such as distributed control systems (DCS), historians, PLCs, and machine monitoring protection systems.


Get a Competitive Edge With RFID Applications in Ignition

Sandalwood set a goal of having direct edge responsiveness and control with central IoT device management capability, based on our decades of Digital Transformation experience. In order to achieve these goals, we worked closely with our partners Inductive Automation, Cirrus Link, SLS RFID, and Zebra Technologies to develop a truly in-line RFID architecture suitable for the most demanding manufacturing RFID environments.

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Get a Competitive Edge With RFID Applications in Ignition

Get a Competitive Edge With RFID Applications in Ignition

Bob Sloma - Digital Transformation Lead & SME, Systems Integration Services Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology can provide a significant competitive edge in the manufacturing industry by providing a more efficient method of tracking and confirming...

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