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The Sandalwood Engineering & Ergonomics #systemsintegration team attended the Dynics Cyber Security Symposium at the Automation Alley facilities in Troy, MI earlier this month. As a close partner to Dynics and one of the sponsors of the event, Sandalwood provided a continental breakfast and gave a brief talk on OT Cyber Security and the benefits of bringing in outside expertise to help solve your OT Cyber risks.

During the course of the symposium, Dynics provided in-depth product feature updates for some of their premier cyber security solutions like the ICS.360 Defender, Software Defined Networking solution, IAM (Industrial Access Management) Defender, ICS.360 Fusion, and also gave updates regarding their training and documentation offerings.

Some highlights of the day were the product demos of the ICS.360 Defender and ICS.360 Fusion, in addition to seeing the Dynics AI-driven help menu in action and learning more about how the Veracity software defined networking architecture can work in both a new and legacy environment.

As always, Sandalwood greatly appreciates our partnership with Dynics and we look forward to further opportunities for joint cooperation.


Should you need assistance with your OT Cyber needs, you can always reach out to our team!