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IIoT And The Race To Digitalization

iDashboards Example


The promise of Industrial IoT (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 is to economically collect more and better data on a timely basis to improve manufacturing performance. The scope and breadth of data that is collected today will be dwarfed in the coming years as more sensors are brought online, bypassing the control systems in place today.

This information can be shared beyond the plant with online dashboards viewable by anyone within a company regardless of their physical location. Because of the desire to have near real-time access across the company to production data, machines and production lines are no longer islands of information. Access to this data should be done without compromising data, corporate manufacturing IP, or safety. The economic reasons driving the changes are the need to further drive production efficiencies by reducing and eliminating bottlenecks and unplanned downtime. Further efforts using real-time and near real-time data analytics and process optimization can improve yields and production flow. So how should your company’s journey begin?

circularArrows Are you able to act on the data to improve your production processes?
idea Do you have a team in place that includes operations and IT personnel and crosses functional silos?
compass Are your company’s OT/ICS and IT priorities aligned?
notes Do you have the right applications in the right places and have a single source of truth?
scales Are you set up to scale deployment and management at the edge effectively?
Industrial-Cybersecurity How do you secure the new connected edge?

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