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What is it like to be a part of the Sandalwood team?  You’ll be a part of an engaging and inclusive group with a mission to help our customers identify, assess, and reduce work-related risks to quality, productivity, and employee health.


In your day to day activities, you’ll work with multiple customers, as a Professional Services associate and trusted partner in Sandalwood’s areas of expertise of Injury Prevention, Systems Engineering & Systems Integration. You’ll help customers innovate, solve their current struggles and guide them with the power of Sandalwood’s deeply ingrained subject matter expertise.


You will have opportunities to help lead your own individual development with programs designed to guide you. Feeling you haven’t been recognized lately? You will have the chance to consistently appreciate your coworkers and be appreciated by your coworkers for continued distinction using our peer to peer appreciation and feedback software.


You will be encouraged to participate in Sandalwood’s multitude of extra-curricular activities including:

  • An innovative health, safety and wellness program
  • An internal innovation forum to guide and develop innovation initiatives
  • The all-team meeting and staff day planning committee, dedicated to fostering team dynamics, collaboration and cross-functional interactions
  • Actively participate in on-campus and virtual recruiting
  • Plan various get-togethers for the team in our distributed locations as a part of the social committee
  • Assist with marketing planning, ideas, collaboration and execution on our cross-line of business marketing committee
  • Participate in the mentorship program, giving you the opportunity to connect, learn and grow and make connections
  • Driven by our team’s background, our company’s cover values and community need, participate in various volunteer community involvement opportunities


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