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Through our partnership with PTC, Sandalwood leverages world class Industrial IoT (ThingWorx) and Augmented Reality (Vuforia) platforms to implement Smart Factory solutions that allow our global client network to transform their operational visibility, to work smarter and work safer.




cplace is a powerful and flexible software platform designed to innovate project-oriented work. It enables companies to manage highly complex projects successfully. Thanks to its rapid application development capabilities, users are able to tailor the software to individual business requirements.  With its ready-to-use applications and solutions and its modular architecture, cplace offers real-time, elegantly networked information that can be visualized according to the needs of different user groups. collaboration Factory AG, the software company behind cplace, was founded and is managed by project management mastermind Dr. Rupert Stuffer.  Sandalwood’s partnership with cplace offers our clients access to ready-to-run solutions for the next generation of project management; helping global tech leaders succeed with their most important projects and initiatives.


Sandalwood is a Siemens Solution/Technology partner with a focus on offering complementary solutions and services using the Siemens suite of products, helping our customers innovate, compete and reduce risk through digital transformation.


Th3rd Coast

Sandalwood’s partnership with Th3rd Coast Digital Solutions has a foundation built on aligned core values and the drive to solve problems and provide a full solution to ensure the long-term success of our clients and partners.  We are able to leverage Th3rd Coast’s expertise in emerging tech, such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and e-learning solutions, when innovating process improvements, quality control, or efficient procedures to optimize, and modernize, the manufacturing process.

Visual Decisions

Sandalwood has partnered with Visual Decisions to accelerate your Industry 4.0 journey by providing a simplified, clear path forward.  Whether you are just getting started or struggling to get ROI out of your technology investments to date, we are here to help.  Leveraging a standardized approach to achieve sustainable value early in the process, this partnership ensures our clients effectively apply their efforts to the right people, processes, and technology


Auros Knowledge Systems

Sandalwood has partnered with Auros Knowledge Systems, the leader and developer in providing Knowledge Aware software and services. Auros IQ takes knowledge out of documents and put it into a software tool that intelligently delivers knowledge to users in their flow of work; activating it to ensure it gets reused. Auros IQ has been adopted by major corporations in the automotive, aerospace and defense, consumer products, heavy manufacturing, and shipbuilding industries, exceeding 40,000 active users globally.

Inductive Automation

Sandalwood has joined the Inductive Automation partnership network to provide our customers with the tools they need to achieve total plant floor system integration.  Whether a customer is looking for a SCADA, MES or IIoT system, the Ignition software by Inductive Automation has the flexibility to excel at almost any use case, all within one integrated platform.  This toolset is another way the Sandalwood team assists our customers in reducing their risk to productivity, quality, and employee health.



Sandalwood is a DYNICS Technology partner with a focus on offering OT/ICS Cyber Security solutions and services using DYNICS’ Industrial Control System Security Platform, ICS-Defender™, and Veracity’s Industrial SDN Controller, Net-Optix™.  DYNICS offer top solutions for factory automation, innovative hardware, and software solutions. Their solutions enable manufacturers to gain a competitive edge through cost-effective system designs and increased productivity.  DYNICS continues to add value to its products with exceptional service and support, and offers products that are on the leading edge of technology. 

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