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From the factory floor to the executive offices, your Sandalwood solution is waiting for you.

Sandalwood Solutions

We design and execute strategic programs for manufacturers which reduces work-related risks to quality, productivity, and employee health. It is important to us to continually monitor project progress to ensure we are meeting or exceeding expectations and that the results will provide value to our clients.

Our experienced engineering team employs data driven process analysis, project and supply chain management to create and implement effective solutions to help optimize our customers’ products and processes.

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Sandalwood believes that a robust manufacturing facility requires careful consideration of the interaction between process, equipment/ machinery and the human. Our ergonomics and health and safety professionals understand the human response to physical and cognitive work demands.

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Sandalwood prides itself on combining a thorough understanding of the manufacturing environment with strong technical expertise to define, plan and execute technology solutions for our customers.

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Ergo Tips

Whether at work or play, ergonomics can make or break you. Our team of experts share their tips for living an ergo-friendly life.

What’s New

Protecting Your Device from Removable Media Using Windows Group Policy Editor

Protecting Your Device from Removable Media Using Windows Group Policy Editor

Removable media presents a serious potential threat vector for malware to exploit in any manufacturing facility. As a result, it is essential to utilize methods that protect against these threats. Luckily, the Windows operating system includes an application called Group Policy Editor that is able to lock-down USB ports on a device.

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