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About Us

Sandalwood is an engineering and ergonomics professional services firm, with a goal to help you work smarter and work safer.

We design and execute strategic programs for manufacturers which reduce work-related risks to quality, productivity, and employee health. By providing knowledge, research, technology and resources, Sandalwood supports its clients in a comprehensive manner, delivering the best results.

Our Mission

Risk Reduction at Work
Sandalwood will utilize its specialized resources to identify, assess, and reduce work-related risks
to quality, productivity, and employee health.

Our Vision

Sandalwood, by means of risk reduction at work, provides its clients a sustainable global competitive advantage consisting of safe and productive processes that deliver quality products.

Core Values


Ingrained in everything we do as a business, an employer, and members of the community.


Employees of exceptional ability aligned with our core values.


Genuine passion for our customers’ and our employees’ success.


Challenge ourselves, our customers, and our partners to continuously improve.

Value People

A healthy and engaged person is one that is productive at work, at home, and in their community.

Why Choose Sandalwood?


We have completed thousands of projects since 1989.


Sandalwood employees are highly skilled and motivated professionals.



Our Engineers, Ergonomists, IT and Safety professionals utilize a proven delivery process to meet project timing, deliverables, and budget requirements.


We know that delivering quality results and optimizing budgets are critical to customer success.

Our History


Sandalwood was founded in 1989 by Erich Mau. There was a need in the automotive industry for support in the development of advanced manufacturing technologies. With Erich’s expertise in the automation field in high demand, and combined with his disciplined use of proven methods and “get it done” attitude, the company was formed.


In 1994 Sandalwood broadened its offerings from equipment and process technology to people technology, after recognizing the success of implementing any one of the technologies is interdependent on the other two. Ergonomics expertise was brought on board to work with industry, labor and academic partners, to continuously improve the way we design work for people.

1998 to 2007

Sandalwood developed complementary products such as the Lean Manufacturing Assistant (LMA), the Dynamic Impact Measurement Tool (DIMT), and the Ergonomic Pathfinder (EPF) software. Additionally, the customer base grows to include Transplants, Tier Automotive Suppliers, Aerospace, and Defense companies. Services continue to be market responsive with an example being the expansion into Occupational Health & Safety project work.

2007 to Present

Sandalwood management recognized the need to maintain its focus on cost competitiveness, and increased the value of the services provided. Technical competency is enhanced by the addition of Digital Human Modeling expertise, a Master 6 Sigma Black Belt, and staff PMP certifications. Services have been packaged with partner companies to offer turn-key engineering solutions.

Meet the Sandalwood Team