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Sandalwood Core Values & Employee Recognition

What’s one way we appreciate our team day-to-day?

Sandalwood is committed to promoting the recognition of the team, their milestones, successes and achievements.

Core Values

The Sandalwood team’s dediction to our core values is deeply ingrained in our culture.  These core values drive our interactions with each other, our customers and our community.  We use our core values to appreciate our team members every day.

Here is a small sampling of the appreciations that our teams in Canada, the United States and Mexico gave each other over the past three months.  Across the company, there were 671 appreciations.  That means, on average, each team member was thanked six times! 


Great team effort right down to the last report! Hope to work with you all again soon.

You’re a great role model for all of us. 

 Thanks for the best brainstorming sessions.


Kudos to you for the customer recognition of your “dedication and professionalism”. Congratulations!

Thank you for all of your hard work on upping our marketing game and helping bring us new leads!

Great job supporting again this month, always a lot to do and you’re doing great.

Congrats on the completion of the final rotation report. Its been great working with all of you! I hope there are more collaboration projects in our future.



Thanks for supporting new aspects of projects, taking on new challenges and looking to expand your knowledge!

For taking the time to be a part of the mentorship program and set goals with me. Thanks!

Thanks for reaching out regularly and at the end of our meetings/discussions and simply asking if I have any general questions.  I’ve learned a ton this way!

Without great leadership the ship goes in circles and eventually sinks. Thanks to both of you for keeping us focused and on the correct path.

Thanks for being an onboarding buddy!!!


Thanks for helping to fix my excel database, I knew I could rely on you for this stuff. You’re a rockstar!

Thanks for all the tips and lessons for developing the SharePoint site!

Thanks for you efforts & assistance with the partnering arrangements.   Let’s get this party started!

Great work creating the OPC UA simulator!  I can see us using it for most, if not all, our remote development projects!



Thanks for hosting the study groups! PMP studying is getting (a little) easier every week!

Thank you for always being so responsive and incredibly positive every time I have questions!

Thanks for your support on multiple projects, being flexible as we move through some project changes and keeping a positive attitude!

Happy 1 year with Sandalwood. Keep up the great work

Thanks for always being there when we need you!

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