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Occupational Health and Safety

Here at Sandalwood, our mission is to reduce risk at work – whether in the office, while working remotely, and/or on the plant floor. Sandalwood’s Safety services involve a multidisciplinary approach to health and safety consulting and risk reduction. Our services are designed and customized to implement safety requirements and industry best practices to reduce work-related risks to employee health, productivity, and quality in the workplace.
Key Services

Training Development and Delivery

Delivering customized safety training programs for businesses. We can support with your existing programs or develop new training programs based on your needs.

Compliance and Risk Management

Delivering compliance tools and strategies for businesses. We provide support by evaluating and assessing your existing health and safety programs and ensure you meet the minimum compliance requirements in your jurisdiction.

Design and Process Review

Sandalwood’s multidisciplinary team of ergonomics, engineers, and OHS professionals can support you with evaluating and implementing the best practices on the plant floor.

HSE Management Systems

Delivering customized health and safety management systems for your business. We can support with the development and implementation of a basic safety foundation for your workplace, including customized programs, policies, procedures, and any associated templates.

Return to Work Procedures

Return-to-Work Program is a collaborative program that can help any business ensure that employees are returning to their pre-injury job duties in a safe and timely manner. With a standard return to work process being implemented, employees will have a higher morale and employers will pay lower annual premiums while ensuring that WSIB’s policies and procedures are being adhered to.
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