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Augmented Reality Safety Buy-offs

Think ‘Augmented Reality’ only exists in sci-fi?  Think again. At Sandalwood, we have experience today working with the tools of tomorrow.
Augmented Reality (or ‘AR’) gives users an amplified version of the world they see in front of them. It allows us to put a digital ‘spotlight’ on tools, hazards, processes, or anything else that warrants additional attention. Click to learn more about how Sandalwood helped a major Automotive Manufacturer reduce timing risk to a critical buy-off process by deploying AR tools.

Problem Statement

  • Cross-functional team working on a project at Automotive OEM is required to attend a physical in-person buy-off at the supplier on-site to review new equipment before it is approved to ship
  • Certain critical team members are unable to attend the buy-off in person due to conflicts with scheduling and travel restrictions
  • The buy-off must be completed on time, otherwise, the entire New Product Introduction (NPI) process will be disrupted at the plant resulting in line stoppages


Solution Implemented

  • Remote Assistance tools leveraging Augmented Reality (AR) headsets and tablets deployed to team members supporting on-site
  • Headsets with cameras and tablets allow for real-time point of view (PoV) high-definition streaming over the network to remote participants
  • Augmented Reality capabilities allow both parties to ‘mark up’ the physical environment with free-hand sketches and a library of useful identifiers (arrows, circles, etc.)
  • AR improves communication between parties, ensuring total confidence is achieved by those who were unable to attend the physical buy-off and instills confidence when signing off on equipment remotely


Cost savings by having the equipment ship on time, without upholding the NPI process
Cost savings by reducing the number of people traveling to support the buyoff
Reduced errors by leveraging Augmented Reality ‘mark-up’, strengthening communication between in-person and remote participants

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