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Sandalwood Top Workplace 2022

Who Are We?

The Sandalwood team delivers superior manufacturing results. Our combined expertise and many professional disciplines allow us to utilize transformational technology and human centered design to solve problems and deliver safer, smarter solutions.

Our Mission

Risk Reduction at Work: Innovative solutions reducing risk to quality, productivity, and employee health.

Our Vision

Sandalwood is a human centered organization providing sustainable solutions for continuous improvement and risk reduction in the workplace.

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The Sandalwood Quarterly Review is a publication dedicated to highlighting advanced practical learning and insights.  We are human centered and solutions driven, all with the goal of managing and reducing risk at work.


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Get a Competitive Edge With RFID Applications in Ignition

Get a Competitive Edge With RFID Applications in Ignition

Sandalwood set a goal of having direct edge responsiveness and control with central IoT device management capability, based on our decades of Digital Transformation experience. In order to achieve these goals, we worked closely with our partners Inductive Automation, Cirrus Link, SLS RFID, and Zebra Technologies to develop a truly in-line RFID architecture suitable for the most demanding manufacturing RFID environments.