Tulip to Ignition Connector

The Tulip to Ignition Connector enables seamless real-time and historical data exchange from Sandalwood’s Ignition API endpoints. By tapping into Ignition’s data repository, we can engage in data-driven decision-making and collaboration across teams and platforms.

Key Benefits:

  • Real-Time Data Integration: Tag and Named Query data from any Ignition Gateway is seamlessly integrated into Tulip using the Tulip Ignition Connector.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making: In conjunction with the Sandalwood Ignition API, this integration empowers users to leverage Tulip’s powerful analytics and visualization tools for process optimization.
  • Use Case Example:
    • Scenario: A manufacturing facility utilizes Ignition for process control and data management.
    • Challenge: Need for seamless integration with external systems for enhanced data analysis and reporting.
    • Solution: Implement Sandalwood’s Ignition to Tulip Connector.
    • Result: Improved data accessibility and streamlined integration processes.

Empower your manufacturing processes with the Tulip to Ignition Connector!


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