Michigan Industry 4.0 initiative to support small manufacturers.

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) launched an Industry 4.0 initiative, Industry 4.0 Technology Implementation Grant, to support small manufacturers.

Manufacturing is evolving at a fast pace. Digital technologies offer manufacturers solutions to workforce challenges, opportunities for increased productivity and will keep them globally competitive.

Michigan launched the industry 4.0 initiative to help small manufacturers be equipped with knowledge and resources to adopt industry 4.0 technologies.

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As part of this program, Sandalwood and our partner i4Score, are working with regional economic organizations to help small manufacturers evaluate, assess and implement Industry 4.0 using a new Industry 4.0 in a Box technology.

The i4.0 in a Box provides an integrated solution from leading technology partners to make IIoT, Digital Transformation, or Industry 4.0 quick, simple, and cost-effective. It kickstarts the process by taking advantage of open standards and technologies enabling Industry 4.0 solutions such as energy management, predictive maintenance, AI, and machine learning. This solution also provides the framework to quickly scale from an initial proof of concept to hundreds of factory implementations.

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