OT Security and IT Security Services and System Integration for Michigan’s Most Productive Industrial Sites

Sandalwood is your local DYNICS ICS360.Defender system integrator, based in Livonia, just outside Detroit, Michigan

As part of our OT / ICS Cybersecurity services, Sandalwood is proud to be a Certified DYNICS ICS360.Defender integration partner.

The DYNICS ICS360.Defender ICS Security Platform

The Defender is a security platform for industrial control systems. The ICS360.Defender covers all the bases for OT and IT professionals in Michigan who need a system that supports:

  • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) for common industrial protocols
  • Simple NAT configuration for any combination of IP addresses and subnets
  • Optimized interface security via a smart data diode, forced authentication, or redirection
  • Fail-over group configuration with synchronization
  • IPsec, SSL VPN
  • Configuration through a web interface and wizards, not a CLI
  • Robust monitoring and reporting capabilities

Consider an OT Security Assessment

Sandalwood does more than simply integrate equipment into the platform. We bring a variety of disciplines to securing the plant floor.

  Governance, Policies & Procedures Patching Implementation Strategy
  Asset Inventory Access Control Strategy
  Risk Assessment Data Classification
  Network Monitoring Removable Media Strategy
  Anti-Malware Strategy Remote Access Strategy

As manufacturing equipment become increasingly connected to the enterprise network and cloud platforms, the plant floor needs specialized & dedicated Cyber Security strategies, policies, monitoring, and enforcement to protect equipment, manufacturing processes, and employees from harm.

We have your full OT Security Solution. Contact us today to help you secure your Michigan factory floor from threats.