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The Sandalwood Quarterly Review Newsletter

The Sandalwood Quarterly Review is a publication dedicated to highlighting advanced practical learning and insights.  We are human centered and solutions driven, all with the goal of managing and reducing risk at work.

VOLUME 5 – september 2022

Project Management in Digital Transformation

It is easy for the need for project management to get overshadowed by the flashier, more technical aspects of projects including the technologies themselves.  There can be a belief that as long as you pick the right software and an integration team with a strong technical background, then you have everything you need for a successful implementation.  This is not always the case.



VOLUME 4 – June 2022

Why the Human Factor is Critical to Success: A Deep Dive into the Human Centered Design Model

At the core of any successful solution set of systems, is positive impact on the human. Having a Human Centered Design (HCD) model and program aimed at achieving this will help advance your goals and within this edition, we explain how.



volume 3 – march 2022

Working From Home: A New Normal With New Challenges

As a result of changes in the world the past two years, we are now in a transition or in the midst of a great change in how we perform work, specifically work previously performed in an office environment. Coupled with technological advancements, working from home is now seen as an option that provides benefits to both the employees than can work from home (work life balance, reduced commute, flexibility, etc.) and for the company (savings in real estate, space, infrastructure). However, as with many changes we have experienced this year, not all find this a welcome update.

VOLUME 2 – december 2021

Risk Management for Safer & Smarter Decisions

How does your organization use risk management as part of its decision-making process to achieve substantially different (better) results?  Organizations are commonly challenged by the need to make decisions and take action on diverse situations: something needs to be improved, launch of a new product or process, new customer demands, growing competition, changes in legislation, human resources development, etc. Decisions are made and ideally the different variables affecting the outcome are considered in the decision-making process.  

volume 1 – august 2021

An Invitation to Innovate From the Ground Up

The Sandalwood Advantage has always been our exceptional team of people. The team has grown over the years and includes engineers, ergonomists, data analytics specialists, process improvement professionals, project managers, and systems integration experts. We work in countries around the world in a variety of languages. Our team is a diverse bunch with unique skill sets, perspectives, and interests. The diversity of the team, the diversity of skills, the diversity of interests all come together to provide us with a unique advantage, a human advantage. At its core, all projects a Sandalwoodian touches consider the human element and our mission has always been risk reduction at work.

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