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Injury Prevention

Sandalwood believes a robust manufacturing facility requires careful consideration of the interaction between process, equipment, machinery, and the human. Our ergonomics and health and safety professionals understand the human response to physical and cognitive work demands. They apply this knowledge with full appreciation of the demands of productive output and the processes which are required to achieve it.


Our Expertise

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Our goal is to provide companies with competent resources that are flexible and invested in our clients desire to reduce ergonomics and safety related risks and outcomes.


Ergonomics Program

Office Ergonomics

Occupational Health and Safety


Training and Education

Audits and Solutions

Risk Screening / Assessment

Standard, Policy and Procedure Development

Design Consultation

Job Rotation


Customized Countermeasures



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Office Ergonomics Webinar Coming Up on May 18th, 2022 at 9am!

The Experts Chat: Improving Your Own and Employees Ergonomic Behaviors? We've been working in these "new" work styles for a while now. Many haven't taken the plunge to improve their own set-up or their employees work environments. Two Injury Prevention specialists...

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