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Hexagon Live is happening now at Caesars Forum Last Vegas with more than 3,500 Quality, Engineering, and Operations practitioners.

The Sandalwood team has participated in several great sessions so far including:

  • ETQ Quality Vision:  Innovation Awards.  Unique applications of the ETQ platform.  Awards to be announced today!
  • ETQ Quality Vision:  Presentations by #Kimberly-Clark and #Pratt & Whitney Canada on the use of ETQ to manage their Supply Chains.

Many great conversations, breakout sessions, and meetings with expert members of the Hexagon family on:

  • Manufacturing Intelligence
    • Xalt Solutions
    • Computer Aided Engineering – System Dynamics
  • Asset Lifecycle Intelligence – OT/ICS Cyber

Don’t forget! Sandalwood, in partnership with ETQ, is presenting later today – June 14, 2023 at 4:00 PM –  at Hexagon Live Global 2023, at Caesars Forum Las Vegas.

For more details, check out the link at:  HxGN LIVE Global | Hexagon