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Text Neck

Text Neck

With many employees shifting to work from home recently, there’s been a big focus on office ergonomics at home (https://sandalwood.com/stretching-sitting-standing-while-working-from-home/). Now that your home office is set up, it’s important to remember that ergonomics principles, such as maintaining good posture and changing your posture frequently, should also be applied to your everyday life!

Heavy use of cell phones, tablets and laptops without concern for proper ergonomics can lead to neck and back pain. Considering many of us are spending more time at home than before COVID-19, we have all likely increased our use of mobile technology. Consider these tips in the Healthline article below for reducing or preventing neck pain from poor neck posture while using handheld devices, known as ‘Text Neck’:

1) Stretches/exercises that target the neck

2) Take frequent breaks from your mobile device

3) Hold your mobile device higher to avoid slouching forward