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Sandalwood Uses PTC Vuforia Chalk

Utilizing PTC’s Vuforia Chalk to help setup a home computer workstation based on sound ergonomic principles, what a fantastic idea! 

Here is a screen capture of one of our Sandalwood Ergonomist’s Chalk experience.  Using Vuforia Chalk she helps to to explain an ideal setup and provide suggestions for improving one’s home office configuration.

The recommendations are indicated by the pink markups:

  1.  Add an external keyboard
  2.  Place the monitor on a riser so the top of the monitor is at eye level
  3. Add lumbar support (i.e rolled up blanket, towel or pillow) to the chair

Contact our Injury Prevention team for more ideas on how to use Vuforia Chalk in your workplace.  Or to discuss how we can help you with your #workingfromhome setup!