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In late 2014 the Sandalwood team was excited to win a Factory Information System (FIS) integration project for a manufacturing facility in Elabuga, Russia.  It was important for Sandalwood to quickly develop strong relationships among the various global teams, as well as earn the trust of our Russian customers.

There were numerous obstacles to overcome including Sandalwood’s first multi-language FIS implementation using newly released FIS Software, and an implementation team spread across several countries and multiple time zones.  The frequent travel to such a remote location also proved to be a strong test for the integration team.  These challenges and more were successfully navigated to deliver the project within the timing and budget constraints.

The key to any such endeavor was, as always, following a tried and true process.  A process successfully developed for use in North America, and adapted for Russia.

Sandalwood uses a variety of tried and true processes, however as each project and location are unique we strive to adapt, learn, and succeed to ensure our global suite of clients receives the best solution for each project.

Authored by: Paul Lagroix, Laura Traubert, Francesco Costa, Mike Foster