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Process Improvement

Process Improvement Reduces Assembly Time at Compressor Manufacturer

Compressor Manufacturer


  1. Improve throughput by 30%
  2. Identify and implement layout improvements
  3. Identify and implement methods improvements
  4. Identify and eliminate assembly waste

Project Description:
A cross functional Kaizen productivity team, including Sandalwood personnel, used Lean Six Sigma (LSS) to identify and implement process improvements for final assembly.

The team documented the current process, layout, tools, equipment, work element sequence and time to identify specific improvements and waste reduction enabling increased throughput.


  • Overall throughput increased 50%
  • New bearing press design reduced install time 30%
  • New clearance measurement method and equipment eliminated manual measurement errors
  • Costly and time consuming assembly “teardown” repairs were almost completely eliminated
  • Layout and methods improvements reduced walk time
  • New electric tools and equipment improved methods
  • Organization and housekeeping were improved through 5S implementation
  • Written standardized work instructions were developed and implemented to assure sustainability
Process Validation

Process Documentation, Battery Tool Improved Housing Plug Installation and Standardized Work Instructions

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