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Virtual Manufacturing Training Developed & Delivered at Automotive OEM

Automotive OEM


  1. Develop & deliver a Virtual Manufacturing learning
    2. Coordinate the learning process
    3. Create and maintain the training materials
    4. Deliver training courses

Project Description:
As the Virtual Manufacturing process became the focus of
automobile manufacturing there was a need to train the
manufacturing engineering staff how to utilize new tools.

Sandalwood provided a team of resources to learn the
software, create the learning process, develop and
ultimately deliver the courses and curriculum.

Sandalwood’s development and delivery of this training program ensured the proper support for expediting the
Virtual Manufacturing process.


  • Over 30 courses taught
  • Over 300 Engineers educated
  • Training courses were selected for global utilization
  •  Provided post training support to all users
  • Participated in global process development
  • Updated all training materials and process to align
    with new software release
  • Streamlined courses and curriculum to save time
    and money without compromising acquired skills
  • Tracked learning progress for all students
  • Improvements realized in Manufacturing, Assembly, Ergonomics, Health and Safety, Product Quality and
    Customer Satisfaction
  • Millions saved utilizing Virtual Manufacturing
Process Validation

Process Validation

Manufacturing Planning

Ergonomics Evaluations

Ergonomics Evaluations

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