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Manufacturing’s “New Normal”
Are You Ready?

During these difficult times it can be hard to overcome the survival mode mindset, but in the coming months and years the manufacturing industries will be experiencing incredible changes. Now, more than ever, it will be critical for manufacturers to get smarter and more efficient using technology.

Augmented Reality Are you embracing remote support technologies around Augmented Reality?
Contact Tracing Do you have a system in place for managing In-plant Contact Tracing?
Plant floor IT systems Are your plant floor IT processes and systems keeping up with your changing operations?
Augmented Reality Are your Industrial Cybersecurity practices keeping up with your increased remote access needs?
How are you capturing the irreplaceable know-how of your aging workforce as they embark on retirement?
Are you getting the information you need from your plant floor operations to continually optimize and remain competitive?
Are you doing enough with your operational data? Are you up to speed on the latest analytics, machine learning and AI technologies?

Where we can help!

Sandalwood has over 30 years’ experience working with large global manufacturers helping them work smarter and work safer. If, like them, you are encountering any of the problems listed above or countless other examples, please reach out to the Sandalwood Systems Integration team. Let us and our skilled partner network help you on your IIoT journey.

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