Industrial Cyber Security

Is your plant floor vulnerable to cyberattacks?

Plant Floor Asset Identification & Inventory Management

Hundreds of existing machines of varying types and vintages at multiple facilities, purchased at various times over many years. No central database tracking exactly what is on the plant floor or what has been done to the equipment since arrival… 

Sound like your situation?

As the first step to evaluating cyber security risks on your plant floor, a complete and accurate inventory of network connected plant floor devices should be conducted.

This information enables categorization and analysis of plant floor assets. It also allows you to better understand the scope of the challenge through the evaluation of ICS risks by category. Next you can prioritize and start developing risk reduction plans.

As part of our OT/ICS cyber security services, Sandalwood has completed over 90 plant inventories with over 25,000 devices across five continents; providing an accurate survey of what types of devices exist in each plant, how many of these devices exist, what network architecture they are connected to, what versions of similar devices exist, and what function these devices serve.

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Sandalwood has over 30 years’ experience working with global manufacturers helping them work smarter and work safer. Leveraging a standardized approach to achieve early sustainable value, we assist our clients to effectively apply their efforts to the right people, processes, and technology. Let us and our skilled partner network help you realize your vision.


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