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Industrial Cyber Security

Need to protect old plant floor systems from cyber-attacks?

Conversion to Virtual Machines for Win 7 and Win XP

Essential controls software incompatible with current operating systems. Production equipment will not be replaced in the foreseeable future. Production data from these lines are being fed through the company network to business systems. Legacy operating systems are vulnerable to attack. Virtualization to the rescue!

Reducing the risk of a cyber-attack on process control systems running on legacy operating systems is critical to maintaining up-time and availability of production.


Virtualizing the legacy operating system environment within a current operating system enables the ability to do patch management against current vulnerabilities and isolate the legacy environment from cyber-attacks.


Virtualization Benefits

  • Continued productivity on factory floor without the need to support older legacy hardware and software.
  • Existing legacy software installed on virtual machines, allowing for minimal disruption to work flow and production.
  • Virtual machines are shielded from malware and viruses, including whitelisting of approved programs.
  • Virtual systems provide easy back-up and restore capability, reducing risk and support time.
  • Use of standard client systems, providing ease of update and patching.

Legacy software that cannot be run on a current operating system can continue operating in a virtual environment. Disruption to existing work flow is kept to a minimum.

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