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Human Factors in Maintenance and Serviceability

Review of equipment design for safe and efficient monitoring and maintenance

Manufacturing Company

To review scheduled and unscheduled maintenance tasks in design phase of equipment manufacturing. We accomplished this by:

  1. Creating easy to use reference material and guidelines focused on design for service and maintenance
  2. Using digital human modeling to assess new designs for reach and clearance as well as assessing tools and vehicles before equipment purchase and product launch
  3. Providing reports and metrics to monitor and identify areas to improve related to serviceability and maintainability

Project Description:
Sandalwood was engaged to integrate human factors into the development process of product and equipment design. We performed assessments and data analysis for service engineering functions to show the benefit of changing a design in the virtual space to be more efficient and accessible for maintenance and service teams.


  • Developed client specific written guidelines with a focus
    on design for serviceability.
  • Interviewed and shadowed service technicians, building
    relationships with techs, increasing morale and
    participation in safety culture.
  • Completed +50 virtual assessments to validate
    maintenance process.
  • Improved Quality by providing feedback on the design
    of equipment and tools with a goal of enhancing
    reliability, diagnosis, and capability of service tech.

Estimated ROI at $343,000






Sandalwood prepared reports with success of the end user in mind and provided Advanced Manufacturing with the critical information required to make educated decisions.

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