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Our Sandalwood Associate, John Romanchik put together a brief synopsis of activities from LIVEWORX in Boston MA, June 10-13 2019.

Paul Lagroix and Brent Severn at LIVEWORX2019

After the first two full days, Monday June 10th and and Tuesday June 11th, we concentrated more of our time on networking, meeting with existing customers and contacts and and exploring the demonstrations on PTC’s platform.

We were primarily looking for ideas and applications applicable to Sandalwood’s mission.  We continually strive to add value to our our customers in the new #industry40 world of smart plants, smart factories and product planning.  We do this using a variety of virtual reality training instructions and advanced production analytics and metrics to improve processes, reduce waste and achieve higher efficiency and quality.

Smart Factory Work Cell Virtualization


Smart Factory Brewery Virtualization


Smart Factory Business Metrics

We also met with our training partner from PTC, Tom McGinnis, to discuss the road map to further accreditation on their key development platforms and extensions:

  • Vuforia – a virtual / augmented reality platform
  • ThingWorx – used to create detailed digital representations of assets and services to analyze information coming from smart, connected products and machines
  • Preconfigured apps for various industry verticals; automotive, consumer products, medical devices, and transportation.

Definitely looking forward to more discussions and developments in these emerging areas!

There were also a number of interesting talks by leaders in the field of new technology:

  • Peter Diamandis, CEO of the XPrize technology challenge contests

Peter Diamandis, CEO of the XPrize technology challenge contests


Peter Diamandis Change in the next 2-10 years

  • Patti Maes, Professor of Media Arts and Sciences/Director, Fluid Interfaces Group, MIT Media Lab
  • Michelle McKenna, Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer, National Football League
  • Adam Savage, co-host of the Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters and a new show, Savage Builds


While we focused on the above, we also attended many interesting sessions on these topics:

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

Increasing Workforce Productivity Through AR through Expert Capture

The Edge and Cloud Business Cases for Data Storage


Industry 4.0 (Digital Manufacturing)

Digital Twins for Factory Operations

5G Data Speeds for Smart Wireless Manufacturing and AR Mass Adoption

Digital Transformation: Harnessing New Technology for Industrial Innovation

Factory of the Future


IIoT and Smart, Connected Products

Advanced Lean Manufacturing Leveraging Predictive Data Analytics

Smart Connected Operations (IIoT and RFID) for Manufacturing and Remote Monitoring

The Edge: Providing the ‘Things’ for the IoT

How Industrial IoT and Machine Learning are Helping

Solve Real Problems


Cybersecurity for the Digital World

Control System Security

Cyber Security and Cyber Safety for the Internet of Things

Identity, Authentication and Security for Automation Systems