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Panel: Creating a Data-Driven Mfg Culture Webinar

Panel: Creating a Data-Driven Mfg Culture Webinar

Sandalwood Engineering & Ergonomics is proud to partner with Visual Decisions to present a panel discussion with a focus on how to create a culture that embraces data-driven problem solving using Industry 4.0.

Our group of experts will walk through various scenarios experienced in real-life, answering questions like:

  • Why is cultural change important for an Industry 4.0 implementation?
  • Who needs to change within each customer?
  • How much change is required?

And many, many more.

Industry 4.0 technologies can have an enormous impact on your company by adding new capabilities to the business. These capabilities can directly plug value leaks in the business such as downtime, scrap, inventory, and employee health.

But just like wearing a Fitbit doesn’t automatically make you lose weight, implementing technologies without changing behaviors won’t drive results.

Sandalwood Engineering & Ergonomics and Visual Decisions have worked with a number of world-class companies to implement advanced technologies. In this panel discussion we will discuss our experiences helping our customers to create a culture that embraces these new capabilities to drive positive change in their businesses.

Join us on September 22nd at 11am ET to learn how

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