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Our Sandalwood Systems Integration team spent the day at Automation Alley’s #industry 4.0 conference, Integr8 on May 9, 2023 in Novi, MI and picked up a lot of key takeaways from the presentations.  Did you attend the conference?  What did you learn?!?!

Fraunhofer USA

Standards in Global Advanced Manufacturing Systems

MOEE – Maximize OEE

  • Metrics from best practices (performance) by process step across machines to create a new benchmark
  • Data collection from PLC is best


Matrix Manufacturing

  • Flexible process flow between stations
  • Automated component supply and material movement


Predictive Maintenance – How AI and advanced software will shape future manufacturing


General Motors

Digital Twin & the Future of the Industrial Metaverse

  • AB-InBev digital factory and supply chain
  • Digital Brewery
  • Preventive Maintenance, AR maintenance support w/ expert assistance
  • Logistics, minimize carbon footprint
  • BMW – iFactory
  • Working w/ Siemens, Epic Games/Unreal Engine
  • NVIDIA Omniverse – VR collaborative workspace
  • Metahuman – Simulation based on operator-based data collection



Demystifying Industrial 5G for Smart Manufacturing

  • 5G private network
  • High data throughput with low latency
  • High data throughput in a manufacturing environment through Wi-Fi will crash the wireless network (petabytes/exabytes)