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Didn’t have a chance to join our recent webinar on Creating a Data-Driven Manufacturing Culture?  It’s OK, you can watch the recorded webinar!

Our panel had a great discussion, answering the following questions for the audience:

  1. Why is cultural change important for an Industry 4.0 implementation?
  2. Who needs to change within each customer?
  3. How much change is required?
  4. How do you develop the vision / strategy?
  5. How to drive adoption / manage change?
  6. At the operator level?
  7. At the management level?
  8. What are the top IT security considerations to take into account in your digital transformation?
  9. Training? Who / what / when?
  10. Are there any common technologies that you’ve seen used in your successful implementations?

Would you like more information on any of the topics we discussed?  Reach out to contactus@sandalwood.com and we’ll direct your inquiry accordingly!