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By now many of your workforce and team members will have been working from home for a few weeks and may continue to do so for a while longer.  At this point they may be starting to feel some aches and pain.  Now is the time to take action to ensure your team is supported and optimizes their home workstation to reduce their risk of pain and/or injury.

Sandalwood is offering you a complimentary 20-30 minute presentation on working from home and office ergonomics. This presentation reviews the importance of ergonomics in the context of the work from home workstation.  It reviews risk factors, signs/symptoms, and how to attain an optimal posture while working from home including tips on how to use everyday items at home to adjust your current workstation, rather than purchasing new equipment. The concepts reviewed in the presentation are applicable at home but also in the office setting; providing your team with an advantage when returning to work.

In addition to this presentation, you will also receive access to the Rapid Office Strain Assessment (ROSA) tool. Sandalwood has partnered with MyAbilities to offer temporary access to the ROSA tool at no cost to you! The MyAbilities ROSA tool quickly guides employees through a self-assessment of their home work space, and provides recommendations on how to adjust their workstation with items in their house to reduce their risk of injury.

In most cases, ROSA will provide immediate information to assist employees with optimizing their home workstation. In situations where additional support is needed, Sandalwood is able to assist.

If this opportunity interests you, please contact officeergo@sandalwood.com to schedule a free session for your team!