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🌟 Get ready to be inspired! 🌟 Sandalwood is thrilled to announce Chelsea Anderson as one of our esteemed speakers at the Applied Ergonomics Conference in Louisville, KY, March 25-28, 2024! Join us as she delves into “From Concept to Launch – An Overview of Mental Workload and Design.” Don’t miss this insightful session! #AppliedErgo2024  💡

Date of Presentation: Wednesday, March 27, 2024: 3:30 PM
Location:  M104
Topic: From Concept to Launch – An Overview of Mental Workload and Design
Come test out your memory, attention, and stress as we navigate the world of design and how mental workloads impact productivity, safety, quality, and overall well-being! Physical ergonomics has long dominated the conversation around design, while human factors and other cognitive considerations have not gotten the same attention. To change that, the audience will participate in a variety of activities to demonstrate the importance of why designs must not exceed human mental workload.