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🌟 Exciting Announcement! 🌟 Sandalwood Engineering & Ergonomics proud to unveil our speaker lineup for the Applied Ergonomics Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, from March 25-28, 2024! 🎉 Don’t miss Owen Janisse’s enlightening session on “Technological Investments in Ergonomics: Is it worth it?” 💻💼 Join us to explore the future of ergonomics and seize the opportunity to enhance your knowledge. Secure your spot now! #AppliedErgo2024 💡

Date of Presentation: Wednesday, March 27th 8:45am-9:30am
Location: M103
Title: Technological Investments in Ergonomics: is it worth it?
Unsure of how technology fits in your ergonomics program? Come join us as we look at different types of technology, how they can have an impact on your ergonomics program and identify if they are worth the investment. We will look at technology in tiers, ranging from pencil and paper to AR/VR & Digital Human Modelling. A decision tree will be provided to participants to serve as a guide when making decisions to invest in tech.