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Unveiling the Future of Ergonomics: Join Us at the Applied Ergonomics Conference 2024 in Louisville, KY

Are you ready to dive into the latest trends and innovations shaping the world of ergonomics? Look no further than the Applied Ergonomics Conference 2024, set to take place in beautiful Louisville, Kentucky, from March 25th to 28th, 2024. Hosted by industry leaders and experts, this conference promises to be a dynamic gathering of professionals passionate about improving workplace health, safety, and productivity.

Why Attend?

  1. Cutting-Edge Insights: Discover the most recent advancements in ergonomics research, technology, and best practices through engaging keynote speeches, interactive workshops, and thought-provoking panel discussions.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow professionals, researchers, and practitioners from around the globe. Share experiences, exchange ideas, and forge valuable connections that can propel your career and projects forward.
  3. Practical Solutions: Gain actionable insights and strategies to address ergonomic challenges in your workplace. Learn from real-world case studies and success stories shared by industry experts.
  4. Professional Development: Earn continuing education credits and certifications while expanding your knowledge and skillset in ergonomics, safety, human factors, and related disciplines.

Conference Highlights:

  • Registration Link: Register Here
  • Program Schedule: Explore the diverse range of topics and sessions offered throughout the conference. From ergonomics in healthcare to industrial applications and beyond, there’s something for everyone. Check out the detailed program schedule here.
  • Sandalwood Presenters: Be sure to catch presentations by Sandalwood, a leading provider of ergonomic solutions known for their innovative approach and expertise in the field. Learn from their seasoned professionals as they share insights and strategies to optimize workplace ergonomics. Stay tuned for updates on specific presentation details.

Owen Janisse

Date of Presentation: Wednesday, March 27, 2024 8:45am
Location: M103
Title: Technological Investments in Ergonomics: is it worth it?
Unsure of how technology fits in your ergonomics program? Come join us as we look at different types of technology, how they can have an impact on your ergonomics program and identify if they are worth the investment. We will look at technology in tiers, ranging from pencil and paper to AR/VR & Digital Human Modelling. A decision tree will be provided to participants to serve as a guide when making decisions to invest in tech.

Courtney Worthington

Date of Presentation: Wednesday March 27, 2024 at 8:45am
Location: M105-106
Title: From Collegiate to Corporate: Navigating the Transition
Transitioning from a collegiate environment to your first job is a significant milestone in your professional journey. Beyond technical skills and academic achievements, success in the corporate world relies heavily on the development and application of soft skills. In this presentation, we will explore the critical soft skills essential for a seamless transition, review common challenges and get tips for early success in your career.

Chelsea Anderson

Date of Presentation: Wednesday, March 27, 2024: 3:30 PM
Location:  M104
Title: From Concept to Launch – An Overview of Mental Workload and Design
Come test out your memory, attention, and stress as we navigate the world of design and how mental workloads impact productivity, safety, quality, and overall well-being! Physical ergonomics has long dominated the conversation around design, while human factors and other cognitive considerations have not gotten the same attention. To change that, the audience will participate in a variety of activities to demonstrate the importance of why designs must not exceed human mental workload.

Plan Your Trip:

Louisville, Kentucky, offers a perfect blend of Southern charm, vibrant culture, and modern amenities. Explore its rich history, savor delectable cuisine, and take in the picturesque scenery along the Ohio River.

  • Accommodations: Secure your accommodations early to ensure a comfortable stay during the conference. Check out recommended hotels in the area, conveniently located near the conference venue.
  • Transportation: Louisville is easily accessible by air, road, and rail. Whether you’re flying in or driving, plan your transportation in advance for a seamless travel experience.
  • Local Attractions: Extend your stay to explore Louisville’s top attractions, including the iconic Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby, and the vibrant downtown area with its eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

Join Us!

Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in the dynamic world of ergonomics and connect with industry leaders and peers. Mark your calendar for the Applied Ergonomics Conference 2024 in Louisville, KY, from March 25th to 28th. Register now to secure your spot and take the next step toward advancing workplace health and safety.

For more information and updates, visit the official conference website and follow us on social media.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Disclaimer: Please note that event details, including dates and program schedule, are subject to change. Be sure to check the official conference website for the latest information and updates.