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Ergonomic Assessments Prevent Injuries, Boost Productivity, and Enhance Profitability in Ontario, Canada

An Ergonomic Assessment Could Save Your Ontario Company Big Money

According to the Institute for Work and Health, the average OHS expenditure per employee per year in Ontario was $2,417 among goods-producing sectors, $847 in the service sectors, and $1,303 overall. But the ROI of investing in health and safety ranged from 24% to 114% depending on the industry.

Plus, ensuring your staff is safe and healthy improves productivity, quality, and morale. And it’s just the right thing to do.

How confident are you that your factory floor, offices, and employees’ remote workplaces are set up optimally for injury prevention and comfort?

Support Your Health and Safety Program With a Comprehensive Ergonomics Assessment by Sandalwood Experts

Ergonomic assessments compare human capability with workplace demands such as job or process design, workstation setup, equipment, tools, organizational factors and more. At Sandalwood Engineering & Ergonomics, our ergonomists specialize in detecting hazards, assessing for risk, and supporting the problem-solving process for a comprehensive ergonomic assessment. Assessments can be performed proactively in design phases or when scoping new equipment. They can also be performed reactively in response to a concern, near miss, or injury.

What Sandalwood offers for ergonomic assessments:

Sandalwood Ergonomic Assessments in Michigan - Efficient Data Collection

Efficient Data Collection

Our team is trained to identify and quickly capture all necessary data components safely and efficiently, with minimal access to your operations. This also applies to remote office space assessments or design assessments.

Sandalwood Ergonomic Assessments in Michigan - Ergonomic Assessment Tools

Ergonomic Assessment Tools

Our injury prevention team is trained in a wide range of ergonomic tools from general screening tools (like an ergonomic assessment checklist) to deep dive assessment methods. Appropriate tools are selected for data collection and analysis, based on the work demands specific to a client site.

Sandalwood Ergonomic Assessments in Michigan - Data Interpretation

Data Interpretation

Our ergonomists have a deep understanding of human capabilities and responses to work demands. Using our knowledge and experience, we can accurately interpret assessment results and compare them to industry standards.

Sandalwood Ergonomic Assessments in Michigan - Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

We’ll work with you to develop solutions that fit your unique business needs. Our goal is to optimize not only employee health but also productivity and quality in the workplace.

Sandalwood Ergonomic Assessments in Michigan - Technical Reports

Technical Reports

We will provide clear and concise reports for all assessments. A summary of the factors considered, outputs of the assessment tools used, final results, and recommendations are included in our standard report.

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