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Process Development

New Process Development Leads to Methods and Throughput Improvements 


Military Truck Manufacturer




  1. Return costly outsourced work to plant
  2. Increase capacity by 50%
  3. Develop process content, sequence, times & flow
  4. Develop workstation tooling & layout requirements
  5. Develop operator instructions & work flow diagrams
  6. Develop material handling layout & operations


Project Description:
Increased capacity and improved cost were required to produce product orders in the time required by the client.  


Sandalwood provided a multi-disciplined engineering team to work with the client in evaluating product content, methods, labor and equipment requirements. 

A new manufacturing layout was developed for an existing warehouse facility.  Operations layouts and assignments were developed incorporating material handling requirements, operator instructions and work flow diagrams.  Material handling operations and equipment were developed for flexible material flow.  New process equipment and tools were designed, purchased and implemented to provide improved throughput capability.





  • Capacity increased by 50%
  • Costly outsourced operations returned to in-plant operations
  • Assembly line process method installed to improve product flow and throughput
  • In-station process control system updated to assure a complete, high-quality assembly process
Process Validation

Standard Operation Sheet, Station Summary Sheet, Workstation MBOM and Process Layout

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