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OT Cyber Security Services

Dynics ICS Defender

As part of our OT Cyber Security Solutions, Sandalwood is a Certified Dynics Defender provider.

The DYNICS ICS360.Defender is an Industrial Control System Security Platform. The ICS360.Defender meets today’s needs of OT and IT professionals as a comprehensive solution that is powerful enough to support a purely OT, or an OT/IT convergent environment.

Sandalwood does more than simply integrate equipment into the platform. We bring a variety of disciplines to securing the plant floor.

Governance, Policies & Procedures Patching Implementation Strategy
Asset Inventory Access Control Strategy
Risk Assessment Data Classification
Network Monitoring Removable Media Strategy
Anti-Malware Strategy Remote Access Strategy

As manufacturing equipment become increasingly connected to the enterprise network and cloud platforms, the plant floor needs specialized & dedicated Cyber Security strategies, policies, monitoring, and enforcement to protect equipment, manufacturing processes, and employees from harm.

We have your full OT Cyber Solution. Contact us today to help you secure your factory floor from threats.

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